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I’ve never dated a shemale that I knew from the beginning was a shemale. In both of my relationships with trannies, I met them out and struck up a conversation. They didn’t tell me until right before the first time we did the deed, and they both acted afraid of how I might react. I think both of them were shocked when I ended up being completely fucking thrilled and all of the blood in my head instantly shot to my cock and I became more excited than ever before.

I guess for me, the surprise of getting to bed a tranny is the sexiest surprise there can be. At that is what you get, over and over again. Every video features a hot and horny well-hung man who gets the surprise of his sex life by being seduced by a woman only to find she is hiding a raging boner under her skirt!

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If Wendy Williams was your girlfriend, assuming you’re a guy, then she will of course have nicer tits than you, she might be able to lift heavier things than you can and she will probably have a bigger dick than you too. Where you have a decent chance of beating her is that you will likely be better looking than her.

Sorry I don’t mean to be so blunt or even rude and I realise full well that taste differs and that you might take offence to me thinking she is butt ugly but let me tell you in all honesty; I would run my fucking legs off if need be. She looks like she might be from Transylvania.

OK that is more than enough dissing, you may very well be here because you fancy her and that is your right and likely not your choice. I mean we don;t choose to be attracted to someone, we just are and it’s bullshit really to discriminate against someone for something they didn’t choose.

Here’s a choice you can make though: You can get TS Wendy Williams for up to 45% off with that special offer.

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